Date Title Venue
26-Feb-2021 February Children's Time Jacksonville
20-Feb-2021 Inbam Pongum Inaya Pongal Jacksonville
29-Jan-2021 January Children's Time Jacksonville
24-Jan-2021 Namma Veetu Pongal Jacksonville
20-Dec-2020 Grand Gala - Musical Night with JTM History celebration - Ninaithale Inikkum Jacksonville
10-Dec-2020 Musical Night - Namma Ooru Paatukaranga Jacksonville
01-Dec-2020 General Body Meeting II Jacksonville
25-Nov-2020 Charity Event - Inaindha Kaigal Jacksonville
15-Nov-2020 Pet Show - Namma Veetu Chella Pillaigal Jacksonville
01-Nov-2020 Haedos - An Hour of Code Jacksonville
25-Oct-2020 Kalaivizha Day 1 & 2 - Vaaname Ellai Jacksonville
20-Oct-2020 Minimalism - Kadanillaa Vaazhkkai Jacksonville
10-Oct-2020 Immigration Advisory - Visa Bulletin Jacksonville
01-Oct-2020 College Planning - Live Seminar Jacksonville
25-Sep-2020 Wife Appreciation Day - Connecting to our Roots Jacksonville

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