Tamil Classes

Tamil classes are held every Saturday between 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM EST. Please visit the Tamil Palli website www.jtmtamilschool.org for detailed information about, how to contact the school, register for the school, support the school, and much more.



Jacksonville Tamil School History


Since our Tamil community has grown tremendously over the last few years, there was a decision made in the JTM’s GBM in October 2012 to run an expanded Tamil school with a defined curriculum for all ages and for the community. The volunteers from the Tamil community joined together to create the new school for the Jacksonville community, JTM Tamil School.

JTM is grateful to Mr. Krishnamoorthy and Mr. Maheshkumar for teaching Tamil to our kids for the past 12 years. Their dedication and the service is invaluable.

The journey started in 2012 and the JTM Tamil Palli is slowly crawling, walking and off to a good start for a great run.

In 2013, we started with 31 students focusing on Tamil speaking. Now the school has grown with over 125+ students, 20+ teachers. The focus is on literacy in Tamil, reading, writing, speaking and literatures such as Thirukkural, Athichudi and Tamil grammar.


JTM Tamil school is part of the American Tamil Academy and follows all the standards of teaching from the ATA. The Tamil school is accredited by Cognia in 2019.


Together we will make Bharathi’s dream come true...தமிழ் இனி அமெரிக்க பள்ளிகளிலும் வாழும்!!