What is the purpose of JTM?

The purpose of this association is to promote interaction of Tamil community, to uphold its values and culture and to promote the awareness of the breadth, the depth and the richness of the various literatures in Tamil.

How can I become a member of JTM?

Please click here Membership.

Can I participate in the JTM events?

Yes, you can participate in the JTM events only if you are a JTM member and you give your name before the deadline ( if any ) for giving your name for the event expires. JTM encourages group performances, the more the number of participants in a group, higher the priority they get. The idea is to give equal chance for everyone.

Who do I contact for participating in JTM events?

You can contact any of our EC members through e-mail or phone. Please click on Upcoming Events for further information.

Volunteer Information

What does JTM need from volunteers?

A few areas where volunteers can help are video recording / taking pictures during various events throughout the year, stage setup, serving food etc. Apart from the above mentioned task, every member is requested to cook one item for just one event per year. This is needed because except for 1 or 2 events almost all the events are potluck dinners / lunch / snacks.

Will I or my kids be able to participate in more than one program per event?

The decision will be made by the EC and the event coordinator, depending on the number of programs and number of entries. We want to give equal opportunity to all.

Do I have a right to check the balance sheet of JTM?

Yes, as a JTM member, you have a right to know and ask for the balance sheet. There will be a General Body Meeting 2 times ( Feb and Oct ) a year, which is open to all the members, where the current EC is required to disclose all expenditures and income.

What are the Membership Benefits?

  1. Get to participate in all JTM cultural programs
  2. Free entry for most programs and nominal entry fee for ticketed events
  3. Discounted ticket price for Movies
  4. Minimum Fee for summer sports camps for kids