Executive Committee 2018

EC 2018 Team

Standing behind (Left to Right) Manjesh Ramalingam, Nandakumar Adhikesavan, Suresh Kripashankar, Senthil Ramanujam, Bala Govi and Kamesh Rajagopal
Sitting front (Left to Right) Sumi Praveen, Vidya John

Executive Committee 2018

Senthilkumar Ramanujam, President
Phone: (904) 945-

Bala Govi, Vice-President
Phone: (904) 654-6208

Nandakumar Adhikesavan, Secretary
Phone: (904) 401-3550

Manjesh Ramalingam, Treasurer
Phone: (317) 652-3821

Suresh Kripashankar, Joint Secretary
Phone: (904) 415-1542

Vidya John, EC Member
Phone: (904) 397-4898

Sumi Praveen, EC Member
Phone: (904) 683-4303

Kamesh Rajagopal, EC Member
Phone: (904) 504-7057

Kathiravan Periasamy, JTM School Administrator
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it